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We offer to join one of our wildlife multiday trips to Naliboki Forest.


This is the place where we own a homestead, simply do our zoological research and invite you to share our experience or just enjoy being a part of nature.


Feel free to contact us for any question to begin planning your unique wildlife experience.

General wildlife-watching trip  with mammal track school

Season: all year round


Experience the true wilderness joining this general wildlife-watching trip. Bison, elk, beaver, wolf, otter, lynx and many others... the species you may see. Listen to wolves right from the place of your stay.  Learn a lot about animals themselves, learn their tracks and other signs of their activity under our professional guidance.

Wolf denning trip

Season: May


Join us in our study of wolf breeding by taking part in wolf pup searching. It's a 12-16 day trip that provides a unique chance to learn denning behaviour, see their tracks and signs of activity .


"Naliboki forest is the paradise for people which are in  love with the wild.

It's an authentic wild forest where  only animals are inhabitant of the forest.

Vadim knows this forest more than anybody and he is doing his best to show you the maximun as possible.

Wolf and Lynx are super predators very rare to watch in Europe, Vadim can permit to realize your dream in a wild environment.

After several tries (where we saw a lot of animals, deers, roe deers, wild boar, beaver, american mint, elk, etc..) it was my turn, Vadim advised me a very nice place.

I was walking on the ice along the canal,  I raised my head and he was here, looking at me during 10 sec. 10 sec engraved forever in my mind.

A lot of emotions, that's why Naliboki forest is magic and we want to come back again and again."

— Sebastien Guerut

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