Brown bear trips

We organize brown bear tours to take picture of brown bears that forage in apple gardens around abandoned and semi-abandoned hamlets. Easy-to-guarantee success in taking photos of brown bears with camera-traps. Once during two weeks we succeeded to take a lot of pictures of 6 different bears (mother with three cubs and two others) at the same apple tree.  Watching of brown bears from a hide in an abandoned building nearby such a garden may be organized, but to see brown bears is a matter of chance, which is not a small, but unpredictable.  Also, it is undoubtedly that during such a trip we will  see other interesting species of wildlife, for instance elk, raccoon dog or even wolf. Various tracks of bear activity in the apple gardens and around them is an attractive part of the trip. From this track information and registrations from camera-traps we will assume how many bears are in the area.  


Visiting of lowly disturbed old forest, huge bog ecosystems and wild river valleys, the guests will see how the primeval habitats of brown bears looked in the area. 


mid-August till late October



7-10 day trip is a guidline


April-October: 130 BYN (=60 euro) per day per person for the groups of 4 and more people

The groups of 1-3 people divide the respective costs for 4 people group.

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