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Eagle trips


We invite you to see and take pictures of eagles (the white-tailed eagle and the golden eagle)  from a hide supplied with carrion-lure. At the carrion you may also see goshawk, raven, red fox, raccoon dog, American mink, jay, tits and even wolves.


Also, during the trip you may take pictures of wolves and lynxes by means of camera traps in specially prepared (mainly baited) sites. At nights, we will howl for wolves to hear their impressive howling. 


Visiting of broadleaved deciduous oldgrowth about three centuries old, wild  river valleys and marshlands, the guests may realize  how the primeval habitats of eagles and other predators in the area looked centuries ago. 


Additionally you may see bisons and elks (moose).


December-mid March


10 day trip is a guidline


150 BYN (=70 euro) per day per person for the groups of 4 and more people

The groups of 1-3 people divide the respective costs for 4 people group.

watching wild wolves - wildlife holidays - wildlife tours to Naliboki Forest
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