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Kayak trip in Naliboki Forest: 200 km by riverine wilderness

We invite you to join a Kayak trip in Naliboki Forest. You will go along the really wild rivers (Volka small river, Biarezina medium-sized river, Vusa small river, Shubina-Nyomanski canal, Nyoman big river valley) for about 200 km. 


A vehicle with trailer will meet participants at each stops (for night camping, lunch). Such a trip is really exciting: centuries-old deciduous broad-leaved forest; otters, minks, beavers, their construction activity, elks, feeling of large carnivores presence due to a lot of tracks of them at the banksides, some of them may be seen, howling for wolves at night etc.


At the same time, every night the guests according to their wish may be brought to the field station (for instance to get sauna and rest comfortably), as the riverine itinerary is like a circle around the Naust Eco Station place on distance up to 40 km from.


April or June-October


10 day trip is a guidline


130 BYN (=60 euro) per day per person for the groups of 8 and more people

watching wild wolves - wildlife holidays - wildlife tours to Naliboki Forest
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