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Lynx and Wolf trips


Snowtracking of lynxes and wolves may be conducted to see how the species live (hunting, cashing food, ranging, territorial marking,  sheltering and resting). 


Another goal of the trip may be ranging  in the whole forest in order to find out how many wolves and lynxes are there, then map this information and see how the local population of species is organized in the terrain. Additionally, while doing this, guests will face with different species of  wildlife, for instance, bison, elk (moose), beaver, otter, raccoon dog, white-tailed eagle, may be wolf, golden eagle. As to the otter, it may be attractive for the guests to use watching of otters and filming them with camera traps.  


Coming back to the lynx, in March we may search for places, where kits of the year stay without the mother, which is busy for mating. In such a place there are chances to watch the lynx kits.  


At nights, we will howl for wolves  to locate different  packs and to hear their impressive howling. 


According to the wishes of guests, the trip may be more or less specialized on one of the species, i.e. the wolf or lynx.


Visiting of broadleaved deciduous oldgrowth about three centuries old, wild  river valleys and marshlands, the guests will see how looked the primeval habitats of lynxes and wolves in the area. Additionally, in March-mid April, owls start calling and it is exciting to listen to different owl species. The great grey owl calls usually in daytime. By hearing a great grey owl, guests may try approaching  it, watch and try taking  picture of the owl. 


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