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Where and What is Naliboki Forest?

Naliboki Forest is a forest-swamp terrain along the river Biarezina 44-48 kilometres away from Minsk. To the east of Biarezina Naliboki Forest spreads more than to the west of the river. Approximately in the southern and south-western part of it, Naliboki Forest borders with the valley of the river Nieman, and on the opposite side of the Nieman valley  the agrarian landscape prevails. The borders of the northern part of Naliboki Forest are not so pronounced. Naliboki Forest  goes much furtherer along the valley of Biarezina, whereas to north-east the Forest mainly borders with the valley of the river Islach except for its north-eastern angle. In the territorial and administrative sense Naliboki Forest is situated in the Stouptsy and Valozhyn district of the Miensk region of Belarus and in the Navahradak and Iue districts of the Harodnia region of Belarus.

The area of Naliboki Forest, where semi-natural terrain  prevails considerably, is about 1,71 thousands km2, whereas this semi-natural area together with the forest-rural mosaic at its edge,  which still well associated with Naliboki Forest, comprise area of about 2,75 thousands km2.

predator-prey community
predator-prey community
predator-prey community

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