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General wildlife-watching trip or a bit specialized mammal-watching trip with mammal track school

Season: all year round


Experience the true wilderness joining this general wildlife-watching trip. Bison, elk, beaver, wolf, otter, lynx and many others... the species you may see. Listen to wolves right from the place of your stay. Visit broadleaved deciduous oldgrowth to realize how animals lived centuries ago within primeval environment. Learn a lot about animals themselves, learn their tracks and other signs of their activity under our professional guidance.

Kayaking in Naliboki Forest: 200 km by riverine wilderness

Season: April or June-October


Join a real adventure trip along the wild rivers for about 200 km.  Through centuries-old deciduous broad-leaved forest, watching otters, minks, beavers and their construction activity, elks, feeling presence of large carnivores, someimes watching them, listening to wolf howling at night.. It's just a part of what you will experience.

Wolf denning trip

Season: May


Join us in our study of wolf breeding by taking part in wolf pup searching. It's a 12-16 day trip that provides a chance to see and take amazing pictures of a wolf den with pups. By the way you will face with a lot of tracks of wolf activities and denning behaviour.

Learning Lynx & Wolf 

Season:  mid-January - mid-April 


Visiting Naliboki Forest in winter is a must! It's a double must if the trip deals with large carnivores. A lot of ranging through the Naliboki wilderness, a lot of snowtracking of the species, learning a lot about the species, having a good chance to watch them... a real wildlife experince.

Watching otters and beavers

Season: April and October-mid December 


In Naliboki Forest we have probably the most dense population of the Eurasian beaver in Europe, where the species populates  rivers and dense canal network that appeared after the draining of the lowland forest in the 1960s-1970s. Watching for beavers may be effectively combined with watching otters that are common nowadays in the terrain. 

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